Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massages for the Houston Area

Massage therapy can be an extremely valuable asset in your healthcare routine. A good massage can not only help iron out sore muscles, but can also have positive benefits on mental health and stress. Anyone can benefit from a massage, especially those who have high amounts of stress in their lives, athletes, and even expecting mothers! Massage Les Studios offers a variety of massages to the Houston, TX area, including very popular hot stone massage! Check out our other massage options, give us a call to book an appointment, or read more about hot stone massages below!

hot stone massage Houston, TX

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage can trace its roots back to the Native Americans, who used the technique of heating stones with a fire to sooth their aching muscles. Today, the technique has been widely adopted by spas across the world, and has not changed very much in terms of application. To conduct the massage, the therapist will either use heated stones as an extension of their own hands (that is, massage while holding the stones) or place them on certain areas to ease muscle tension. When done properly, a hot stone massage can be incredibly relaxing and help to warm and loosen tight muscles.

Give Massage Les Studio a Call

At Massage Les Studios, we take pride in our masseuses’ abilities when it comes to all types of massage. Whether it be a relaxing hot stone massage, a prenatal massage, or a mobile massage brought straight to you, we can do it all. Our massage therapists are highly trained and have the most up to date knowledge that allows them to not only relieve the areas of stress that are bothering you, but custom tailor the massage to fit your personal needs. If you are in the Houston, TX area and want to try a hot stone massage for the first time, or are looking for a place to go for your next one, give us a call! We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process, or get you booked in for our next available opening!

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Massage Les Studio is located conveniently on Augusta drive in Houston. While we primarily service clients from this area, we also have a number of clients who come from surrounding areas to get a massage with us. Give us a call at the number listed below to book your appointment, or stop by and book it in person!

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