Questions Our Massage Therapists Are Frequently Asked

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  • What is the difference between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage?
    The primary difference between the two is pressure and target muscles. When in doubt, your therapist will walk you through whatever is most comfortable for you. We usually use a combination of techniques as needed.
  • I'm pregnant, can I still get a massage?
    Prenatal massage (30-60 min) can be very beneficial. However, it is only recommended after the first trimester.
  • How many therapists do you have?
    We currently have 3 primary therapists on staff, with additional available for special events.
  • Do you offer Couple's massage in the same room?
  • Do I have to take off all of my clothes?
    That is completely up to you. It is easier for our therapists to work if they do not have to fidget with your clothing. However, it is more important that you are comfortable. It would be difficult for you to relax if you are concerned about exposure. But do know, the only portion of your body that will be uncovered at any given point in time will be the part that the therapist is working on. Certain areas (i.e. gluteal cleft; genital region) will remain covered at all times.
    Female breast massage will
    only be performed with written client consent for medical purposes only. Not all therapists perform this service.
  • Do you give "Happy Ending" massages?
    NO! If a happy ending, or any other sexual request is made during your treatment, your session will end immediately, and you will be charged the full amount for your session.
  • Why do I have to book with a credit card?
    When you book an appointment, we block out time for the therapist, room, and any other resources. We turn away other potential business, to accommodate you. We ask for a credit card at the time of booking, as a guarantee against '*No Call No Shows*'
    *No Call No Show - When a client does not cancel their appointment within the time requested, resulting in a loss of revenue on our part.
  • Can I tip on my credit card?
    Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Debit.
  • Why don't all of your therapists accept vouchers?
    With vouchers, we take a large cut in what we bring in per client. (These companies have bill to pay too!) Not all of our therapists are able to accept such a loss for their services, (up to 75% pay cut), and we don't feel that it is fair to force them to. We decided to accept vouchers as a marketing avenue. We are grateful when a therapist can accept the hit, but understanding when they cannot.
  • I have a LivingSocial/Groupon Voucher, How much should I tip?
    Seeing as the therapist is already sacrificing a majority of their pay for the opportunity to serve you and build clientele, Groupon and LivingSocial both admonish their customers to give gratuity based on the regular in house rates, instead of the voucher price. (See regular rates)
    However, gratuity is up to you, the client. If you enjoyed the service you received, please let our therapist know with your generosity. If not, please feel free to let us know how we can improve by completing a review.

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