Massage Les Studios
2400 Augusta Dr. #309
Houston TX 77057 

Monday 10:00am- 7pm

Tuesday - 10:00am-7pm

Wednesday 10:00am -3:30pm                                                      

Thursday - 10:00am-7pm

Friday 10:00am - 7pm

Saturday 10am -7pm

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Party Packages Coming Soon....

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Corporate and Private Chair Massage!



 At Massage Les Studios from our receptionist to our therapist we strive to give the best service and comfort to each client. We pride ourselves in giving excellence service to ensure your best massage experience.

Release Relax & Rest 



Massage Les Studios currently offers a 30 minute Swedish Massage for $25. 



Package 1

2(60min) Swedish Massage- $90

3(60min) Swedish Massage -$130

4(60min)Swedish Massage -$165

2(90min) Swedish Massage -$ 130

3(90min) Swedish Massage - $185

4(90min) Swedish Massage -$220

Package 2

2(60min) Swedish Massage / Hot Stone - $110

3(60min) Swedish Massage / Hot Stone - $160


2(90min) Swedish Massage/ Hot Stone -$165

3(90min) Swedish Massage/ Hot Stone - $215

Package 3


2(60min) Swedish Massage/ Hot Stone/ Foot Scrub- $120

3(60min) Swedish Massage/Hot Stone/ Foot Scrub - $175

2(90min) Swedish Massage/ Hot Stone/Foot Scrub - $175

3(90min) Swedish Massage/ Hot Stone / Foot Scrub - $230